Top 10 Pixar Films: Pixar Perfect

Iremember watching Monsters, Inc. in the cinema when I was eight years old, and it terrified the life out of me. I thought Randal was the scariest monster in the world, and that Bigfoot would eat me. Yet, I had a profound love for Sulley and Wazowski never ceased to make me giggle. Looking back now, I think, wow Pixar, success!

The wonderful thing about Pixar is that it makes you feel so many emotions, and it never disappoints. Now, at nineteen years old, I still shake like a leaf when Stinky Pete almost slices Woody in half, when Hopper steps on Flik, about to squish him in the rain, when the diver steals Nemo away from the reef – ooh, there are just too many moments to note!

Pixar has an underlying darkness to it, however, and that is what adds a sense of reality to their films, despite the fact you would never find yourself as a rat in a sewer in France.  They create a fantasy world that you could imagine yourself in, and plays on your fears, your hopes and dreams, which are manifest in the characters.

So, what are my top ten Pixar films? It was a tough list to arrange, I will not lie. But ultimately, the Pixar films listed do not simply fall into the box of a ‘children’s animation’. They have so many more elements that make them Pixar perfect.

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