Top 10 Pixar Films: Pixar Perfect

5. Brave (2012)

This choice shall probably raise a lot of debate, but when Brave was released in the movie theatre, the visual elements were absolutely mind-blowing. Pixar outdid itself – again! It almost did not seem animated; the detail was undeniable. And finally, the lead character was a kick-butt female heroine! Merida had such relatable and admirable characteristics, being resilient enough to shoot for her own hand in marriage, a slap in the face to typical Disney princesses, and being brave enough (excuse the phrase) to fight against the evil and terrifying bear, Mor’Du. Yet, Merida shows her vulnerable side, confused and upset about the uncertainty of her, and her mother’s, future. I may be biased as I myself am a girl, but it was time girls got some decent representation in a Disney/Pixar movie!

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