Top 10 Pixar Films: Pixar Perfect

4. Up (2009)

The four-minute sequence/montage of Carl and Ellie’s “Married Life” is enough to keep the tears rolling for hours. It’s enough to be a short film in itself! It captures the very essence of a life together, and a life lost. More so than other Pixar films, this movie truly digs deep at human nature, exploring what it means to be self-assured, content and redeemed. Carl goes on an incredible journey just when he expects his life is over, learning that the legacy of love from his wife is constant in himself and others around him. Visually, it is obviously impressive, but this is not what sets it apart. Up should be respected outside of the genre of ‘animation’ or a ‘children’s movie’, as it is a beautiful and artistic exploration of human life and loss because it does not fear from showing the realities of death and broken families; it shows us that life goes on.

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