Top 10 ‘Back To School’ Movie Classics

For me, it was not very long ago I was sitting in an exam hall taking my A Levels in a British Secondary School. Just like anyone else, I sat at my desk, staring blankly at my exam, and instead of writing down the answers, my mind wandered. In the exam hall is where I would reminisce about my time as a school student. Luckily for me, I never fit any of the ‘cliques’ of high school. I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t an outsider, I loved Lord of the Rings, but I wasn’t a ‘nerd’; it seemed that the archetypes so forced upon in ‘Back to School’ films just didn’t exist for me. But I loved watching films about school.

For me, the films were escape and entertainment, a bridge from my relatively boring social status into a world where every emotion, every event, and every personality was heightened. Why do I enjoy this so much? I find other people’s behaviour fascinating, and these ten ‘Back to School’ films listed focus on a range of different people, different humour, and different social issues that make these movies stand out to me as great Back to School movie classics.

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