Top 10 Best B-Movies

By October 11, 2013Top 10 Lists

Movies are designed to entertain. They are designed to thrill, excite, shock; make you laugh, cry, dream. And the ones that do make it big at the box office and roll in the millions. These are the films that create fame and fortune in their wake. The really good ones.

So what about the bad films? I’m not talking about the films that are so bad they are unwatchable. I’m talking about films in that exclusive group that are watched precisely because they are bad. The movies that have cult followings who cheer every time a boom appears in shot or a jump cut is used or a continuity error occurs. Yes, I’m talking about B movies.

B movies are great. Well, no, they’re terrible. But when you watch them and you see the true commitment of the cast and crew, and you see the passion in their eyes as they strive through the script of what they are convinced will be their big break and a sure fire blockbuster hit, that’s what makes them great. They are so so bad but so so committed to by all the people involved. Wonderful.

There are far more than ten films that I wanted to put in this list, many having been watched as a desperate form of procrastination during my uni days, but I have narrowed it down to a good variety ranging from abysmal to laughable. B movies are also an incredibly subjective topic. One person’s piece of underrated genius is another’s worst nightmare, after all. But these all fit into my definition of a B movie. A bad film that is made by people who commit to it like it’s the next Citizen Kane. And some of them very nearly convince you.