Top 10 Funniest Horror Films

By Blake Kuehn · October 21, 2013

My wife doesn’t like horror movies the way I like horror movies. I love horror movies. Don’t get me wrong; we revel together in a glorious, weekly shame spiral of all things Bravo TV that is horrifying in and of itself. But it’s not like watching Friday the 13th for the umpteenth time – again – is high on her list of viewing priorities.

She’s a casual fan at best. But every now and then she throws me a curve ball. I inform her that my horror movie-watching compadres and I will be seeing a movie I assume she has zero interest in seeing – for example, You’re Next – and she responds with an enthusiastic, “I’m in!”

Ask for her thoughts about You’re Next and she responds with wild, gesticulating hands, “ohmigoditwassof’inghilarious!”


Based on the successful, cringe-worthy marketing and advertising campaign for You’re Next, “hilarious” would not be the first word to come to most people’s minds.

But it was. It was laugh-out-loud funny!

Let’s establish two ground rules:

1)  You and I will differ as to what we find funny, but it’s quite possible we will find some semblance of common ground. Congratulations! We just avoided a site-wide shutdown. Everyone wins a trophy.

2)  This list is based on opinion and conjecture, nothing more, nothing less. If you have already declared this list a despicable travesty that’s D.O.A. since it doesn’t include gems like Gremlins, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Ghostbusters, I get it. Let’s hug it out and let the healing begin.