Top 10 Disney Classics

By February 11, 2014Top 10 Lists

6. 101 Dalmatians (1961)

Another dog centred Disney classic, 101 Dalmations hosts one of the most evil and infamous villains from any Disney film; Cruella De Vil. Now that I have written that, you won’t be able to get her theme tune out of your head! You might be surprised why another animal films dominate the list, but dogs are a good shout for Disney. There is something instantly lovable and innocent about them, which draw on our human heartstrings. The film really plays on the idea of unconditional love; Pongo’s love for Roger, Pongo and Perdita’s love, their love for their children, and dogs’ love for each other. It highlights such a warm, sentimental message whilst intertwining quite a dark adventure. Cruella’s desire to murder and skin all hundred and one puppies is very disturbing, something you again don’t really pick up on until you’re older. It’s this match of darkness and light that Disney is able to balance so well, and 101 Dalmations is one of their best examples of that.

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