Top 10 Disney Classics

By February 11, 2014Top 10 Lists

4. Dumbo (1941)

If there is one Disney film I’m guaranteed to cry at, it’s Dumbo. There are so many heart-breaking moments, from moments like Dumbo being taken away from his mom to his daily ridicule. I feel that the film is so beautiful because of the fact Dumbo does not speak. Everything is told through his eyes and actions; In Baby Mine, when Dumbo hugs his mom through the bars and a doesn’t want to let go provokes more of an emotional response than any dialogue could achieve. Not only are their sorrowful moments, but also scary ones. The ‘pink elephants on parade’ scene terrified me – which looking at now is an odd moment for the film. Dumbo is looking at twisted, creepy ‘versions’ of himself, making him aware for the first time the cruelty of what he is around him. Yet, it seems he doesn’t learn from this moment. Thinking about it, it’s odd when I think about how much I liked this film when I was younger. I know that at the end, everything’s happy and he’s reunited with his mother, but the journey to get there is a lot darker than most Disney films. 

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