Top 10 Best Child Stars

The mere mention of the term child star can illicit a myriad of reactions. We marvel over a child with talent, adore their cuteness and are amazed about what they have achieved at such a young age. Unfortunately, child stars contend with a host of issues and a good many of them succumb to the pitfalls of stardom. Some turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with adult sized problems they incur while minors. Others may find it difficult to live up to achievements gained as youngsters and face insecurities that can plague them for life. For those that do endure and make a successful transition to adult actor the rewards are great, causing even more strain on a child to succeed. Films will always have roles for children, so for better or worse, there will always be child stars. What then, makes for a good child star? Is it the quality of their work or the quality of the person they become? Is it their pop culture status or the longevity of their career? The answer will be different for everyone, and different for every child star. This is just one version of many possibilities.