Top 10 Best Child Stars

10. Jackie Coogan

Most notable as Uncle Fester in The Addams Family, Coogan began his career in film and on vaudeville at the age of three. Reported to have earned upwards in the amount of $4 million dollars during his childhood, he discovered that his mother and stepfather had frivolously spent most of it away. Coogan sued in 1938, but recovered only a small portion of his earnings. In response, California passed the California Child Actor’s Bill in 1939. Also known as The Coogan Act, it required 15% of a child’s earnings to be set aside in trust and addressed work hours and schooling. Since then, the law has undergone a series of revisions that has given even greater support for child actors, their earnings and labor issues. While not as expansive as it should be, it does offer some protection otherwise not available to child actors.