10 Horror Movie Moments That Will Make You Buy a Nightlight

By Jameson Brown · August 31, 2014

If you decide to read this at night, I suggest making sure you are with a group of friends. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, but is a tribute to some of the best scares we’ve had in the past years – some new, some old. 


10. That Time Jason Just Wouldn’t Go Away

Kicking off the ode to the “villains never die” recipe for horror films is Friday the 13th and the fact that Jason’s final scare was one that actually made the heart skip a beat. Granted we all knew it was coming, the makeup and lake saturated terror that comes out of this scene is startling with each viewing. 


9. Anything and Everything Pinhead

Pinhead is visually unnerving to watch. His voice, his mannerisms and his attributes are all uniquely terrifying and don’t ever seem to leave the mind when one’s head touches the pillow. 


8. Chucky’s Shadow

The only thing scarier than Chucky at age ten? Chucky’s shadow at age ten. Remember this strut as you turn down your sheets. 


7. When That White Goo Made You Have a Panic Attack

None of us saw it coming the first time. Well, maybe Parker did, but no one else (the audience especially) banked on Ian Holm being a Hyperdyne Systems 120 – A/2 android. As soon as the white began to fall, we knew something just wasn’t right. 


6. One of Our First Looks at Zombies

Thanks to George A. Romero (and John A. Russo as well) we are still watching zombies walk the screens today. We’re also still wondering when that zombie apocalypse might be coming…


5. When This Ankle Injury Made Us All Want to Leave the Cabin ASAP

Remember your first time watching this flick? You probably thought someone was pulling a prank on you. Well, Sam Saimi did. And he did it for only a few thousand dollars. Between some of the most memorable dismemberments of all time and insanely creepy demons, The Evil Dead is one for the books (get it?).


4. This Entire Movie

Trick r’ Treat is a beautiful film and it deserves to be on the list 100%. It combines throwback, campfire storytelling meshed with genuine horror and gore. Just make sure you “always wear a costume.” 


3. When You Met The Family

Leatherface, Grandfather and the whole gang were a bunch not to be messed with – unless you felt like being a casserole. A staple in low-budget horror filmmaking, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre confused audiences in the scariest of ways. 


2. The Final Act of The Cabin in the Woods

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard wrote gold with this final act. Turning horror tropes on their head and then doing it again, they showed us how to laugh at horror films of the ages, while still being absolutely terrified of them. 


1. When Michael Looked Into All Our Souls

Michael Myers is one of the most unsettling horror figures to ever be conjured up – thanks William Shatner. So, when The Shape looks you in the eyes from a distance you know you should get the hell out of dodge.