The Top 10 B-Horror Movies

By March 26, 2015December 31st, 2017Top 10 Lists

You will not see an Alfred Hitchcock movie on this list. No, this list is for those B-Horror movies that are so bad, they’re good.

B-movies actually stem from the days of drive-in theaters when double features were popular. The not-as-popular, bottom half of the double was, quite literally, termed the “B” movie. Often shorter than the main feature, running around 70 minutes or less, the B-movie was always considered a lesser version of its starring counterpart. B-horror movies often displaying little to no budget, terrible acting, unbelievable plots, horrible special effects, more blood than is actually needed and dialogue that has no business being uttered. Anywhere. Ever.

From leprechauns to blobs, and all kinds of horribly executed CGI effects, see which B-Horror movies made this girl’s list of humorous horror.


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