The Top 10 B-Horror Movies

By March 26, 2015December 31st, 2017Top 10 Lists

10. Saturday the 14th (1981)

This classic spoof on Horror movies starred real-life husband and wife Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin. The special effects were lame, from a pair of plastic eyeballs in a coffee mug to weird red light around a person turning into a bat. The dialogue was equally campy with lines such as “I’ve got bats in my Belfry,” and telling a levitating boy to, “Quit fooling around.” If you want to scare yourself into hiding, go with Friday the 13th, but if you want to laugh at how ridiculous a B-Horror movie can be, go with this gem, which, unfortunately, is out of print, making any copy of it an instant campy classic.

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