The Top 10 B-Horror Movies

By March 26, 2015December 31st, 2017Top 10 Lists

8. The Blob (The Original, 1958)

I mean, it’s the Blob. Sure, some people saw the title and thought “school lunches,” but the truly visionary embraced this gelatinous muck for what it really was – B-Horror gold. The pop culture flick was part of the new drive-in culture to attract teenagers, who were hopefully watching the movie and not making out. Though I doubt they screamed, so much as laughed, when the silicone-based blob, in various shades of red thanks to vegetable dye, consumed its victims. And if you want to continue the B-Horror love after the movie, head to Pennsylvania for the annual “Blobfest,” where re-enactments of Steve McQueen’s performance are top-shelf entertainment.

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