The Top 10 B-Horror Movies

By March 26, 2015December 31st, 2017Top 10 Lists

4. Critters (1986)

A B-Horror movie is nothing without sound effects, particularly when they give alien creatures a voice. Or in this case, some kind of weird, squeaky vocalization that is best heard and not explained. Panned as a second-hand version of Gremlins, the filmmaker swears the script was written before Gremlins was even released. And while Gremlins were cute, Critters are disgusting, fang-filled balls of fur that gobble up humans and steers in seconds. Plus, this particular movie has some fantastic bounty hunters from space with big hair and leather coats that make you smile and say, “Ah, yes. Thank you B-movies for your cultural significance.” And that $13 million at the box office.

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