The Top 10 John Huston Films

By June 24, 2015Top 10 Lists

John Huston is one of the most important figures in the history of Hollywood, a legendary writer, director and actor, who, during a near-50-year career, made some of the finest gangster, detective and adventure movies ever made, before concluding his career with a late literary-inspired masterpiece that may just be his finest movie and is certainly one of the finest literary adaptations ever filmed.

However, John was not the founder of the Huston film dynasty.  That was his father, Walter, who was Canadian by birth, making him, like Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, one of those apparently seminal “American” artists who is actually from America’s northerly neighbour.  Walter appeared in several of John’s finest films, as did John’s daughter Anjelica, and John’s son, Tony, wrote or co-wrote several of his father’s late films.  With John’s other son, Danny, now regarded as one of cinema’s finest character actors, the Hustons have arguably become Hollywood’s greatest family dynasty, far outliving some of their early rivals, such as the Barrymores.

Nevertheless, it is John who is the greatest Huston, and here is his Top 10.

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