Ranking the Films of the Coen Brothers

By February 12, 2016Top 10 Lists

Joel and Ethan Coen, otherwise known as the Coen Bros, are a film-making duo who write, produce and direct their films and together have been responsible for some of the most exciting and playful American films of the last thirty odd years.  The films of the Coen Brothers are self aware, eccentric and individual, darkly funny and bear an unmistakable Coen Bros touch. Characters, with exaggerated eccentricities are one of the keys to their style and  even their supporting characters are vividly realised. Their movies frequently reference film history (the title of O Brother, Where Are Thou? is a nod to the contentious film script in Preston Sturges’ 1941 classic Sullivan’s Travels) and play with generic conventions – from film noir to screwball comedy. 

So, in celebration of their latest release, Hail, Caesar we are ranking the Coen library from Blood Simple to Inside Llewyn Davis. All Coen movies have their charms, and some are more popular to hate on then others (and vice versa). A ranking like this is subjective in its very nature, but at the end of the day, all of their film's are worth watching. 

Note: The following list excludes the two portmanteau films Paris, je t’aime (2006) and To Each His Own Cinema (2007) that the Coen’s contributed to instead focusing on movies that are unmistakably Coen-ish.