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Top 10 Movies Too Many People Haven’t Seen

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Before you read this list, I should explain who “no one” is. As a film student, I have seen a lot of films that I would never have seen outside of my classes; films from the French New Wave, Italian Neo-Realism, stuff from the corners of Postmodernism etc. And, like my fellow students, because of my interest in cinema, there are also a lot of films I have sought out that were not released in mainstream cinemas.

However, there are also students in my classes that have even more specific tastes and will have seen even more obscure films from certain genres. But then there are people that go to the cinema, say, one or twice a month that are interested in cinema but never have the time/money/energy to look at what else is out there. So for people that don’t study film and aren’t professional writers or critics, this list is for you.

But then saying that, when I showed this list to my friends, there were films on here that even they hadn’t seen or heard of either. So, really, this list is for EVERYONE. Sure, YOU might have seen every single film on this list. And for that, you can have a virtual paper hat. But for the rest of us, this list aims to give us a place to start or at least a few ideas for when we’re thinking about what to watch next.

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