The Top 10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of the Past 40 Years

10. Pulp Fiction & The Shawshank Redemption shrimp out to Forrest Gump

1994 was one of the years that just hit culture square in the face with a myriad of outstanding films.  Forrest Gump, is definitely one of these, but come on!  Pulp and Shawshank are two of the highest rated movies ever made.  It's really no surprise that Shawshank slipped through the cracks – it's one of those movies where the nomination was a win in and of itself.  But Pulp was a huge hit, and had the likes of Roger Ebert and Charlie Rose talking about the huge paradigm shift it would inevitably cause for the studio system and genre films alike.  Everyone liked Forrest Gump though, apparently.  Again, come on!

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