The Top 10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of the Past 40 Years

8. Kubrick's lack of Connections
The French Connection is a fabulous movie.  So when it won Best Pic for 1971, it seemed fair enough.  It basically started a new wave of verite cinema, firmed Gene Hackman's icon status, and gave one of the nerdiest directors ever (William Friedkin) the cool factor he never had.  I definitely love TFC… but it hoarded the prizes!  A Clockwork Orange came out the same year and got no real Oscar recognition from the Academy, except the nominations.  Simply put, it should have won something, most notably either Director or Screenplay (both were credited to Kubrick).  But that would be out of style, right?  For the Academy to honor one of the seminal directors in history?  Lets just say they're trying to make good on this now by giving guys like Scorsese they're well overdue recognition before they're 90% done with their bucket lists.

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