The Top 10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of the Past 40 Years

5. Fargo loses to boredom
1996 – the year of "show me the money," and the ridiculously long, Seinfeld-parodied movie that everyones' parents went to see and came home smelling like booze, tears, and idiocy.  The English Patient swept the Oscars this year, in spite of the fact that it's incredibly boring, predictable, boring, and boring.  Proving how badly the Academy screwed up this year, AFI inducted Fargo to the top 100 in less by the next decade.  A gargantuan running time and epic deserts seemed to blind the Academy – I guess they thought David Lean had made it.  Anyway, Fargo is infinitely better – one of the most well executed, concise capers to ever hit the silver screen.

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