The Top 10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of the Past 40 Years

3. Apocalypse vs Kramer
1979 saw the year that praised the awkwardness of divorce more than the atrocities of evil on the battlefield of Vietnam.  Apocalypse Now lost out to Kramer vs. Kramer, which now seems pretty idiotic.  But I actually went back and watched Kramer recently and decided it was a deserving film.  In spite of that though, it's atrocious that Robert Benton took home Director and Writing Oscars for this.  Coppola received no recognition for this film whatsoever, even after losing his mind to make it over the course of something like 5 years.  So my real beef is that Coppola got no props.  Perhaps The Godfather films out shine this "smaller" fare.  But to me it just seems like another situation of giving the little guy the big guy awards just… because.

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