Top 10 Best (or Worst) Film Gimmicks

Thanks to the mastermind behind Avatar, James Cameron, 3-D is here to stay… at least for a while, that is until the audience stops paying for overpriced tickets to watch the hoards of crappy CGI 3-D schlock that wil be dished out by the bucket load, caring little about story, character, and technical presentation, and 3-D dies again just as it has in the past.

There have always been gimmicks used in Hollywood to sell movie tickets. Some were complete and utter disasters while others were one hit wonders, never to see the light of day again, and still others have lived, and died, only to rise again from the grave. But the following list honors the top ten failed gimmicks used in film. Of course you could always see it, and then we could hear it, but thanks to the think tanks behind some of the most unique marketing campaigns cinema has ever seen, we can also feel it, taste it, smell it, even be hypnotized by it.