The Top 10 Best Adapted Screenplays

When it comes to film adaptations of novels, comic books, historical texts, plays, and even TV movies, writers constantly run into huge obstacles.  What material should they remain faithful to?  Where can they take license to revamp the story? And is there any forumla or set way to please everyone who liked the original material in the first place?

That’s the big question there.  Obviously when a story is deemed worthy the crossover to the silver screen, there’s more than likely at least a cult following for the original material – and no, there’s no way to please an entire loyal fan base.  
These are the films that have done it best, and in many cases, have taken license in changing a significant amount of the original material to make the movie version work.  These films epitomize an all too rare thing in film adaptions: the movie version was so good, audiences on the whole didn’t care about their “loyalty” to the original work.  Simply put, these films stand alone.
One caveat to this list – this was a really hard one to put together.  Please know that my mission when brainstorming this was to list films that aren’t necessarily the “go to” movies for this category.  Yeah, there are some prolific, classic films that should have made this list –  but I wanted to put some lesser recognized movies in the limelight to get their due (and many times overshadowed) praise.