The Top 13 MASTERS OF HORROR: Writer/Directors

By Preston Garrett · July 29, 2010

4. Sam Raimi

He's kind of the franchise/crossover/remake king.  When Raimi helmed The Evil Dead in 1981, it was a cult critical success, so much so that he went ahead and remade it practically shot for shot (but with a ton more gore and hilarity) in 1987, and just called it Evil Dead II.  Weird, yes; inspired, definitely.  He basically started a new genre too – the horror comedy.  Peter Jackson certainly owes Raimi kudos to his own career as a gross out film director, and the same can be said to the likes of Roth, Taratino, and definitely Robert Rodriguez.  Raimi abandoned his true horror roots for some time after the 3rd ED installment in 1992 (Army of Darkness).  After major critical acclaim with the super adult drama A Simple Plan in 1998 (and a couple other forgettable ones), he landed the gig of a lifetime with the Spider-Man franchise.  But it seems like Raimi might be bound for a return to form.  Drag Me to Hell (2009) saw Raimi back at it with the horror/comedy genre.  Yeah, it wasn't that good, but hopefully he's just flexing his muscles to get back on the gross out workout plan.