The Top 13 MASTERS OF HORROR: Writer/Directors

13. Neil Marshall

He's a relatively new guy on the scene, but Marshall is climbing the ranks with a lot of momentum.   He's penned and directed 2 cult horror hits (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) and it looks like the latter of his creations could turn into a full fledged franchise (he took the EP credit on The Descent 2.)  He definitely meets the profile we're trying to set as the precedent  here… but his next project, Centurion, is a discernible departure from his horror roots.  Will he be able to cross over like the Raimis and Cronenbergs of the world (read further if you don't know who the hell I'm talking about)?  Maybe… but I kind of wanted to see what other horror he could conjure from the depths of Appalachia…

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