The Top 13 MASTERS OF HORROR: Writer/Directors

By Preston Garrett · July 29, 2010

11. Takashi Shimizu

So we're waiting for the day when we make a movie, it's sequel, then are asked to do it all over again for a different market.  Shimizu is of the poster children for this.  In 2002 he wrote and directed Ju-on, and in 2003 graced his Japanese brethren with Ju-on 2.  Back to back classic haunted-house-with-a-pissed-off-ghost-revenge-movies (albeit, with the ever-recognizable Japanese twist), Shimizu repackaged the first film for the US market in 2004.  It featured a former vampire slayer, Stone Temple Pilots music video nymphet, and Scream franchise murder victim.  And yes, this describes the same person!  Sarah Michelle Gellar graced the US with the morbidly successfully Grudge series over the course of 2004 to 2006.  But it leaves us wondering… can you bring something totally new and totally interesting to the US, Mr. Shimizu? According to imdb, he's at work on Paranoia Agent, but there's no info on what market this is for yet…