The Top 13 MASTERS OF HORROR: Writer/Directors

By Preston Garrett · July 29, 2010

10. Eli Roth

For a guy who's totally revered for his craft, he hasn't really done a whole lot… but we kind of don't care.  With huge word-of-mouth and business endorsements from the likes of Quentin Tarantino (he's gotten to test out his acting chops in both Death Proof and Inglorious Basterds, as the already iconic "Bear Jew"), Roth is a totally relevant power player when it comes to horror expertise.  Some people love him, some people hate him, but the fact of the matter is, he's the guy to emulate career-wise if you're trying to make it in the horror genre.  After the huge cult/critical success of 2002's Cabin Fever (former gross out horror deity Peter Jackson hailed it extensively), Roth's only worn the director/writer hat 2 more times for his Hostel franchise.  With Hostel: Part III in the works, it's clear that Roth is only wearing the producer pants this time around, so we're kind of wondering if he's done with the whole directing thing.  He's still writing (he's credited for the upcoming The Man with the Iron Fist), but it seems like he might be done behind the camera.  Let's hope Thanksgiving is a real thing… pretty please.