The Top 13 MASTERS OF HORROR: Writer/Directors

By Preston Garrett · July 29, 2010

7. David Cronenberg

Cronenberg has had a helluva career, effectively transitioning from more gross out, heady sci-fi fare into the world of legit drama (re: A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and the upcoming Freud/Jung biopic A Dangerous Method).  But when Cronenberg was starting out, he was writing the bulk of his own material – most of which was rooted in the morbidly strange.  With movies like Scanners, The Fly, and Videodrome, Cronenberg established himself as an auteur of the sci-fi horror mesh… and its total absurdity.  Even though his films never went into full franchise mode (okay, The Fly II and Scanners II don't really count), Cronenberg's story and directorial style stand the test of time – his signature is all over them, namely the gruesome (and almost comical) make up effects that are a throwback to monster movies of the 50s, revamped for the 80s era of decadence.