Top 10 “Best of…” Film Montages

By September 30, 2010Top 10 Lists

A montage is an important technique in film, delivering information and time passage in a visual and economical way. It's true that montages can be overused and have gained the stigma of being cheesy, but if done right, a montage can be engaging, inspiring – even epic.

But with so many montages to choose from, I found it overwhelming to select an ultimate top ten list. So here's my angle: since most montages fall into traditional categories – "the media montage", "the training montage", "the sports montage", to name a few – each film on this list represents the top spot in its sub-category, ranked in accordance to how much screenwriting knowledge can be derived from the montage itself. So try not to be offended if your favorite "training montage" doesn't make the grade. There was only room for one, and it's hard to snub Rocky.

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