#2: Punishment Park

#2: Punishment Park In glorious celebration of our inevitable demise, Brock reviews a different end-of-the-world film each week until 2013, or the Rapture, whichever comes first. As a teenager, I stumbled across a documentary on The Exorcistwhere they interviewed members of the audience who…


#1: The Darkest Hour

#1: The Darkest Hour There are few fantasies more relaxing than the Apocalypse. Upon glimpsing the un-making of all existence, one feels a profound sense of validation for one's choices — or, should there be an inhabitable post-world, the Peter Pan–like wonderment of adapting to life as a child in a new reality. In either scenario, the slate is wiped clean, and the impact of your life is rendered null and void. The reverse It's A Wonderful Life. If you aren't dead, the wasteland doesn't ask you to use, or even pay off, that worthless degree. Your exes are incapable of calling, due to both the lack of electricity and their sudden vaporization. For the first time since the dream died in second grade, you can have whatever job you want, albeit between the two choices of hunter/gatherer. Freedom granted from the people we were, lives we've lead, and, if we're lucky, some element of spectacle that makes the whole thing worthwhile.…



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