Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama

Movie Time: 96 minutes


As Mike (Jon Favreau) pines for his ex-girlfriend and bemoans the fact that he just lost $200 at a high stakes black jack table, Trent (Vince Vaughn) tries to cheer him up by showing him how to talk to women. He offers their waitress Christy (Deena Martin) fifty cents if she brings them their drinks quickly and while Mike thinks Trent is totally demeaning, Trent assures him everything is cool and that she's into them. When Christy returns, Trent asks if she and a friend want to meet later for drinks. Sure enough, she accepts his offer, much to Mike's amazement. (00:17:50)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

After Mike sabotages their chances to get lucky with the two Vegas waitresses by talking about his emotional feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Mike apologizes to Trent. Trent, although annoyed, tries to encourage Mike, telling him to forget his ex and move on with his life because after all, he's “so money.” Mike finally gives in to Trent's onslaught and agrees to give it a try as they head back to Los Angeles. (00:31:40)


After another Hollywood night on the town, Mike returns home after and against his friends’ advice, decides to call Nikki (Brooke Langton), who he just met at a bar. He then proceeds to leave one disastrous message after another on her answering machine until finally she picks up and tells him never to call her again. (1:02:45)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

After meeting Lorraine (Heather Graham) at the Derby and winning her over with his charm and swing dance prowess, Mike asks for her number so they can go out again. Lorraine agrees, and after some more light banter she drives off, leaving Mike hopeful and confident that he may have finally put his ex behind him. (1:25:00)


Mike's ex Michelle calls the following day and tells him how much she has missed him. Just when it looks like Mike might start to reconnect with her, Lorraine calls and Mike must now decide whether to talk to Michelle or Lorraine. He chooses Lorraine, telling Michelle he'll call her at another time, clicking back over to Lorraine just as Michelle tries to tell him she loves him. (1:30:17)