Screenplay Genre: Crime / Thriller

Movie Time: 103 minutes


Franky Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro) heists an 84 carat diamond that sparks the interest of diamond sellers Avi (Dennis Farina) and Doug the Head (Mike Reid) during the time unlicensed boxing promoter Turkish (Jason Statham) and his partner Tommy (Stephen Graham) reach a deal for their fighter Gorgeous George (Adam Fogerty) with malicious boxing kingpin Brick Top (Alan Ford). (00:11:44)

LOCK IN (End of Act One)

Acting on a tip, Boris the Blade (Rade Sherbedgia) commissions two-bit thugs Sol (Lennie James) and Vince (Robbie Gee) to take down a bookie and steal a briefcase from a man with four fingers. They hire Tyrone (Ade) who fusses over Vince's dog, to be their getaway driver.  Meanwhile, Tommy puts Gorgeous George in a bare-knuckle fight against the gypsy Mickey (Brad Pitt), but Mickey breaks Gorgeous George's jaw, knocking him out of Brick Top's fight.  Turkish and Tommy have no choice but to get Mickey to replace Gorgeous George and fight for them. (00:29:50)


Sol and Vince botch the robbery and learn they held up one of Brick Top's bookies. They discover the briefcase contains the massive diamond and want in, but Boris has other plans and Avi is on his way to get his diamond.  Brick Top assures the betters that Mickey will go down in the fourth round, but Mickey knocks his opponent out with one punch, landing Turkish and Tommy in Brick Top's debt. Turkish and Tommy need to make Mickey fight again, but he won’t do it unless they buy his mom a new camper. (1:02:19)


Brick Top smashes up Turkish and Tommy's casino and burns down Mickey's mom's camper, with her still inside, in order to make Mickey fight. After the wake, Mickey goes on a wild bender and is stone drunk minutes before the fight. Brick Top warns Mickey that his gypsy camp is fucked if he doesn't cooperate this time. In the city, Avi and his hired gun Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) kill Boris, then come after Sol and Vince to get the diamond, but during a struggle, Vince's dog snatches the diamond and swallows it whole, then bolts, and Avi accidentally kills Tony and flees back to America, leaving Sol and Vince scratching their heads. (1:24:23)


Mickey knocks out the other fighter instead of going down in the fourth round, disrupting all bets and putting Tommy, Turkish, and the whole gypsy camp at the mercy of Brick Top. Tommy, Turkish, and Mickey flee, but run into Brick Top and his goons outside of the fight. Brick Top asks a goon in his car for a gun, but gets a gypsy with a double-barrel shotgun instead. Turkish learns that Mickey had a plan to take out Brick Top all along. (1:33:20)