Screenplay Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Movie Time: 115 minutes


During Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) coronation ceremony, frost giants break in to Asguard and attempt to steal the powerful frost cube. Thor is determined to punish the frost giants for their grievous affront even though such an action is against his father Odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) wishes. Thor goes behind his father’s back and recruits his friends to accompany him on the perilous trip to Yodenheim.  (00:14: 39)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

After Thor commits an act of war against the frost giants, Odin realizes he was a fool to think Thor was ready to be king. He strips Thor of his power and casts him out. He then casts out Thor’s hammer with the command that only he who is worthy shall be able to wield Thor’s hammer. (00:28: 17)


Thor crash lands on earth after being cast out. He is determined to regain his father’s good graces. When he hears of a mysterious object that crash landed in the desert, he knows it is his hammer. He breaks into the government camp set up around it, defeats all the guards, and grabs the handle—but the hammer won’t budge. Thor is still not worthy. (00:58: 36)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who wants the throne for himself, realizes that Thor won’t stop trying to get back to Asguard and so sends the destroyer to Earth to stop him. Thor gives his life to save the people around him. This act makes him worthy. His hammer flies from the stone it was embedded in, straight to his hand. Lightning restores him to his full power. And he is, once again, The Mighty Thor! (01:25: 36)


Attempting to justify his usurpation of the throne, Loki tries to destroy Yodenhem. In order to prevent genocide on the frost giants, Thor breaks the rainbow bridge, which severs his connection to earth. This also severs his connection to Jane (Natalie Portman), the beautiful astrophysicist he has fallen in love with, thus proving his ultimate worthiness. (01:39: 13)