5 Plot Point Breakdown: Roxanne (1987)

By Tony LaScala · February 9, 2012

Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance

Movie Time: 107 Minutes


Unusually large-nosed local fire chief C.D. BALES (Steve Martin) comes to the aid of a nude woman locked out of her house, ROXANNE (Daryl Hannah). Afterward, C.D. invites himself in and has a meal with Roxanne, and makes a seeming love connection. (00:13:35)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

After handsome new firefighter CHRIS (Rick Rossovich) catches Roxanne’s eye at a bar, C.D. infatuates her intellectual attention with his wit. Bartender SANDY (Shandra Bari) tells C.D. that Roxanne is in love with him, but she doesn’t know it yet.  (00:37:25)


After writing a letter for the intellectually small Chris, C.D. helps Chris on his date with Roxanne. Through a receiver in his ear, he tells Chris exactly what to say and even hides in the bushes and woos Roxanne from afar when Chris can’t say the words right. (01:01:05)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

After Chris bumbles through a conversation, Roxanne confronts C.D. with the knowledge that the letters were written by him. She reveals to C.D. that she wasn’t in love with Chris for his appearances; she was in love with the person speaking in the letters. She gets very angry with C.D. for not telling her how he felt and kicks him out of her house. (01:33:15)


C.D. uses his unique nose to sniff out an unreported hidden fire in town and finally appreciates what an incredible gift his nose is. (01:39:10)

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