Screenplay Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Mystery

Movie Time: 100 Minutes


After falling into a drug-induced depression and crashing his car, GARY/GAVIN/GABRIEL (Ryan Reynolds) is put under house arrest and monitored by a lonely housewife neighbor SARAH/SUSAN/SIERRA (Hope Davis) and his publicist MARGARET/MELISSA/MARY (Melissa McCarthy). (00:11:05)

LOCK IN (End of Act One)

Finally cracking under constant visions and messages about “The Nines,” Gary escapes from home confinement and is arrested. Margaret moves in and explains to Gary that he isn’t human; he’s a “Nine” (A sort of god-like being). When Gary rejects this premise and runs away, the house melts and Margaret dissolves. (00:33:45)


In the second of three seemingly intertwined stories, Gavin (Formerly Gary) has to fire Melissa (Formerly Margaret) from her job as the lead in Gavin’s television pilot. The resounding argument terminates the friendship.  (00:58:20)


Gavin slaps Susan (Formerly Sarah) after discovering that his television pilot was set up to fail by the network and tricked into firing Melissa. Gavin discovers that a documentary crew is not following him around as he had imagined, and there’s a floating “Nine” above his head. (01:12:15)


In the final story, Gabriel (Formerly Gary and Gavin) is drugged by Sierra (Formerly Sarah and Susan) in an attempt to have an intervention to bring the “godlike” Gabriel home. Gabriel chooses to stay in his created universe, but later leaves after his wife Mary (Formerly Margaret and Melissa) tells him he needs to go. He leaves and “reboots” the planet like a video game.  (01:29:35)