Screenplay Genre: Drama / History / Thriller

Movie Time: 130 Minutes


After BEN JOHNSON (Sebastian Armesto) is arrested for a play he wrote deemed salacious, the Earl of Oxford EDWARD DE VERE (Rhys Ifans) frees Ben from prison and gives him a play he wrote. Edward tells Ben he must stage his plays under Ben Johnson’s name. (00:21:05)

LOCK IN (End of Act One)

After Edward learns that potential heir to the throne The Earl of Essex ROBERT DEVEREUX (Sam Reid) and his companion the Earl of Southampton HENRYWRIOTHESLEY(Xavier Samuel) are to be sent away to Ireland, he attends the opening of his play where he discovers Ben Johnson decided not to attach his name to Edward’s plays. Instead a drunken actor WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (Rafe Spall) takes the stage and takes credit for the wildly successful play. (00:36:48)


After CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE (Trystan Gravelle) threatens to inform on Shakespeare, he’s murdered. An assassination attempt on the Earl of Essex fails. Follows by a failed assassination attempt on Edward. (01:04:57)


After the Earl of Essex and the Earl of Southampton’s rebellion is quelled they are arrested for treason. The Queen’s advisor ROBERT CECIL (Edward Hogg) tells Edward that he’s actually the bastard son of the queen and that his incest affair with her spawned a son, the Earl of Southampton. (01:40:25)


After Edward rescues Henry from execution, Edward’s on his deathbed. Edward sends for Ben Johnson, knowing that Ben Johnson would betray him but never betray his words. Edward gives all of his plays to Johnson so that his life work will always survive. (01:55:52)