5 Plot Point Breakdown: Carnage (2011)

By Tony LaScala · May 17, 2012

Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama

Movie Time: 80 Minutes


NANCY COWAN (Kate Winslet) and ALAN COWAN’s (Christopher Waltz) son Zachary hits PENELOPE LONGSTREET (Jodie Foster) and MICHAEL LONGSTREET’s (John C. Reilly) son Ethan in the face with a stick. After a conversation between the two couples starts to go sour, Michael invites the Cowan’s in for coffee to patch things up. (00:09:04)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

After a verbal disagreement breaks out between the two couples because both blame the others child, Nancy vomits all over the couch and coffee table. (00:30:08)


After neither couple feels they can resolve the issue, Nancy and Alan decide to leave. But another verbal disagreement about a hamster Michael tosses onto the street re-engages the couple to re-enter the apartment and continue arguing. (00:43:51)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Nancy is so sick of Alan talking on the phone that she tosses his phone into a vase of water. The men take one side of the ensuing argument and the women take the other. (01:01:48)


After Nancy suggests that both children should apologize and share the blame, Penelope gets infuriated and throws Nancy’s purse across the room, spilling its contents everywhere. (01:09:30)

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