The Way, Way Back (2013)

The Way, Way Back (2013)

Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama

Movie Time: 103 min


1. Inciting Incident

Duncan and Pam are used to being on their own, supporting each other and knowing their roles. As they are about to get ready for dinner:

Joan: Hey Pam, you need a hand?

Pam: Oh. No. Thank you. (then, smiling at Duncan) We’ve got a system going on here.

Trent puts his arms around, Pam.

Trent: Yeah. We’ve got a good team, here. (00:15:32)


2. Lock In (End of Act One)

Needing to get away from everyone, Duncan finds a bike in the garage and rides into town. There he meets Owen, manager of Water Wizz, in a pizza parlor playing Pac Man. A conversation strikes between the two, ending with:

Owen: Wow. Nothing’s left to the imagination with you, huh kid?

Owen starts to walk away.

Owen: Oh and hey, no pattern on my quarter, man. Cut your own path. (00:23:38)


3. First Culmination (Midpoint)

Owen is driving Duncan home when:

Owen: Hey, Evil Kineaval. You’re probably busy or not interested but I need somebody to be a floater at the park, do some odd jobs, clean up some vomit. What do you think?

Duncan’s face lights up.

Duncan: (too much) Definitely. Awesome. Yeah. (then, collecting himself) I mean, if it’s too much trouble, you totally don’t have to, but … (00:42:33)


4. Main Culmination (End of Act Two)

The family sits around the living room playing Candyland. Trent and Pam begin to get in an argument over the rules of the game:

Pam: (in tears) It’s fucking Candyland!

She storms off. (01:02:57)


5. Third Act Twist

Duncan is annoyed at his mom for putting up with Trent. He’s had enough of them both:

Duncan: I want to be with dad! 

Pam: Duncan …

Trent: Your father? Good luck with that …

Duncan looks a little thrown, confused.

Pam: Hey Trent, don’t …

Trent: He doesn’t want you, kid.

Pam: Oh my god.

Duncan takes off. (01:13:01)