Mean Girls (2004)

By Noelle Buffam · October 8, 2010

Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama

Movie Time: 97 Minutes


While sitting at the lunch table with The Plastics, Cady tells Gretchen and Karen that she has a crush on Aaron Samuels. Much to Cady's disappointment, Gretchen and Karen tell her that Aaron is the ex-boyfriend of the head Plastic, Regina. They tell Cady he is off limits according to the "rules of feminism". (00:14:50)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

At the Halloween party, Regina tells Aaron that Cady is obsessed with him. She then kisses him passionately. Cady sees this and leaves the party, goes to visit Janis and Damian, and creates a plan to ruin Regina. (00:27:25)


Cady and Aaron meet behind Regina's back to study. After asking why he's going out with Regina again, Cady spills that Regina is cheating on him. Aaron breaks up with Regina and her whole world begins to crumble. (00:46:30)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Damian and Janis drive by Cady's house party. Janis yells at Cady that she is a "mean girl, a bitch". Simultaneously, Regina puts it together that Cady is sabotaging her. (01:00:00)


Regina storms out of school, with an apologetic Cady in tow. Regina stops in the street to tell Cady how much everyone hates her, and is hit by a bus. (1:16:00)