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Kick-Ass (2010)

By Michael Schilf · October 9, 2010

Screenplay Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller

Movie Time: 117 minutes


Wearing his internet ordered superhero suit, geeky Dave Lizewski comes across two thugs breaking into a car and tries to stop them, but in his first crime fighting confrontation, Dave ends up getting stabbed in the stomach and hit by a car. (00:15:54)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

Still determined to be a superhero, Dave is at it again, but this time – while searching for a lost cat – he fights off three attackers who are beating on a defenseless man in front of a diner. Some patrons record the fight and post it on YouTube, propelling Dave's alter superhero ego, Kick Ass, into an internet phenom. (00:29:32)


Bad guy Frank D-Amico allows his son, Chris, to don the identity of a superhero called Red Mist so that Chris can infiltrate the secret world of superheroes. When the two crime fighters meet, Red Mist asks to be Kick Ass's sidekick. Impressed, Kick Ass agrees, unaware Red Mist is leading him into an ambush. (00:59:35)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

The TV broadcasts show a live countdown for the Kick Ass unmasking, but when the countdown expires, we see Big Daddy and Kick Ass handcuffed to chairs, beaten, and about to be burned alive… until Hit Girl arrives to save them. She kills all D-Amico's henchmen, but Big Daddy dies from his burns. Kick Ass survives. (1:30:21)


During the final battle after Hit Girl has killed most of D-Amico's remaining men, she has run out of bullets and is facing eminent doom as a thug aims a bazooka at her, but then… Kick Ass arrives outside D-Amico's penthouse in a jet rocket pack equipped with two gatling guns, and he wipes out the remaining thugs. (1:42:57)