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Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

By Michael Schilf · November 3, 2010

Screenplay Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Movie Time: 124 minutes


When ground scans detect an object outside the Rebel base perimeter on the remote ice planet of Hoth, Han Solo and Chewbacca investigate, but before they find the Imperial probe droid and blast it to pieces, it transmits the location of the Rebel base to the Imperial fleet. (00:18:20)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

During an intense ground assault battle, the Imperial forces destroy the main generator powering the energy field and capture the Rebel base, but Han, Princess Leia, Chewy, and C-3PO flee on board the Millennium Falcon while Luke and R2-D2 escape in Luke's X-wing fighter. (00:33:36)


Now on Dagobah, Luke meets a green and quirky old little Jedi Master named Yoda, who is reluctant to train Luke to become a Jedi Knight because Luke has no patience and too much anger, but with Obi-Wan's spirit voice as a guide, Yoda agrees to begin the training. (00:54:18)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

In captivity on Cloud City, Darth Vader has Han tortured and put into a carbon-freezing chamber, which will hold him in suspended hibernation. This is done as an attempt to lure Luke to the City so he too can put in carbon-freeze and transported to the Empire. (1:34:35)


During the final light saber duel between Vader and Luke, Vader cuts Luke's hand off along with his saber. With Luke cornered and defenseless, Vader informs Luke that he doesn't know the truth about his father. Luke accusses Vader of killing him, but Vader responds, "No, I am your father." (1:49:15)