Due Date (2010)

By Noelle Buffam · November 5, 2010

Screenplay Genre: Comedy

Movie Time: 100 Minutes


While on a flight, Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) gets into an argument with Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis). Ethan keeps repeating the words "terrorist" and "bomb". An uproar occurs, and Peter is taken down by an Air Marshal. Peter is cleared from any wrongdoing, but is still put on the "No-Fly List". (00:08:22)

2. LOCK IN  (End of Act One)

Peter realizes that his wallet must be on the plane, which is now somewhere over Oklahoma. He runs into Ethan who invites him to drive to Los Angeles with him. Peter is desperate and agrees to go along with Ethan because he needs to get to Los Angeles for the birth of his child. (00:12:10)


The boys get into a terrible car crash because Ethan falls asleep at the wheel. Peter has a broken arm, three cracked ribs, and many stitches. He exits the hospital and tells Ethan that they are no longer traveling together. He goes on to insult Ethan's dreams of being an actor and concludes his rant by spitting on Ethan's dog. (00:44:01)

4. MAIN CULMINATION  (End of Act Two)

Peter surprises Ethan by taking him to the Grand Canyon. After Ethan spreads the ashes of his Father, he confesses that he has had Peter's wallet the entire trip. Peter loses control, and they get into a physical fight. Suddenly, Peter's phone rings: his wife is in labor. They decide to let all their conflicts be in the past, and they continue on to Los Angeles. (1:16:00)


They are only a short distance from Los Angeles when Ethan accidentally shoots Peter in the leg. Ethan must take over and deliver on his promise to get Peter to the hospital on time. (1:19:30)