Big Fish (2003)

By Michael Schilf · November 12, 2010

Screenplay Genre: Adventure / Drama / Fantasy

Movie Time: 125 minutes


It’s been three years since Will Bloom (Billy Crudup) last spoke with his father Edward Bloom (Albert Finney), but he flies back home to see his dad, who is dying of cancer. Will enters his father’s bedroom and asks his dad to tell him the true version of the stories Edward has told all his life. Edward refuses, saying that his stories have always been the truth. (00:15:02)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

In one of his stories, the young Edward (Ewan McGregor) leaves the small town of Ashton along with Karl the Giant; however, early on in their journey, they reach a crossroads: the longer, safer route and the shorter, more dangerous one. Edward decides to take the old haunted road alone with plans to meet Karl on the other side, but unexpectedly the road leads him to the town of Specter and a little girl named Jenny. (00:27:38)


After working at a circus for free under the condition that the ringmaster, Amos Calloway (Danny DeVito), will tell him one thing each month about his dream girl, young Edward decides he has waited long enough and demands to know the girl’s name. Amos tells him that her name is Sandra Templeton and that she goes to college at Auburn. Edward says his goodbyes and heads off to find her. (00:58:43)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Back in present day, Will is cleaning out his dad’s office and sees a document about Jenny from Specter. Thinking this is a woman in which his dad had an affair, Will drives to Specter and meets Jenny (Helena Bonham Carter). When he confronts her about this alleged affair, Jenny tells the story of Edward’s second visit to the town and how she loved him, but he always stayed faithful to his wife. (1:30:05)


At the hospital, Edward is unconscious after having a stroke, and Will stands vigil at his bedside. Edward wakes up, saying that this is how he dies but panics, unable to tell the story. Will then takes over his dad’s storytelling and begins telling an amazing fantastical story of how his father will die, including an escape from the hospital, high speed chase, and rebirth at the river, ending with Edward turning into a Big Fish. (1:48:52)

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