The Incredibles (2004)

By Noelle Buffam · January 7, 2011

Screenplay Genre: Animation / Family

Movie Time: 115 minutes


In the golden days of Superheroes, Mr. Incredible is on a mission to stop Bomb Voyage from robbing a bank. Mr. Incredible’s biggest fan, Buddy (or Incredi-boy), follows him on the mission. Buddy messes up the entire operation and Mr. Incredible becomes extremely angry. He tells Buddy to “Go home” because Mr. Incredible “works alone”. (00:07:30)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

Mr. Incredible is now living a mundane, suburban lifestyle. He is called into his boss’ office to be reprimanded, and he witnesses a robbery take place outside the window. The robber gets away, and Mr. Incredible loses control. He throws his pesky boss through the walls of the building, seriously injuring him. He gets fired from his job. Mr. Incredible cannot bear to tell his wife that he has been fired. Instead, he accepts the invitation by “Mirage” to complete a secret Superhero mission. (00:34:58)


Mr. Incredible has destroyed the robot on the island. He decides to work full time for his unnamed Superhero employer. He returns home, and it’s clear that he’s thrilled to be back in the Superhero lifestyle. Things are going great as Mr. Incredible works out and gets back in shape. Soon the passion in his marriage is reignited, and he is more patient and loving towards his children. He even buys the family a new car! (00:41:40)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Mrs. Incredible discovers the truth about her husband and his work. Simultaneously, Mr. Incredible discovers he has actually been working for Buddy-who is now a dangerous Supervillian named “Syndrome”. The whole Incredible family (except for baby Jack-Jack) is now on the island, where they battle Buddy and his high-tech weapons. Eventually, they pull together using each of their own powers to escape the island. They flee to the city to stop Syndrome’s evil robot from wreaking havoc on the people. (01:20:00)


In a last ditch attempt, Syndrome kidnaps the youngest Incredible, Jack-Jack. The Incredibles panic as Jack-Jack is just a baby, and has not shown that he has any Superhero powers. Fortunately, Jack-Jack holds his own as he shape-shifts into a ball of fire. Syndrome’s plans are foiled and the baby is returned to his family. (01:43:30)