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Youth in Revolt (2009)

By Noelle Buffam · March 11, 2011

Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance

Movie Time: 90 minutes


On his way to the trailer park’s bathroom, Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) runs into Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday). To Nick’s surprise, Sheeni is actually interested in him. Soon enough Nick falls in love with Sheeni. (00:09:00)

2. LOCK-IN (End of Act One)

Nick discovers that Sheeni has a seemingly perfect boyfriend named Trent. In attempts to lure her away from him, Nick creates an alter-ego named Francois Dillinger. Francois is everything Nick is not: smooth, dangerous, and French. (00:30:06).


Nick blows up a car and a building in order to force his Mom to send him to live with his Dad… who happens to live by Sheeni. However, when Nick arrives, he learns that Sheeni has been sent to a French boarding school. To make things worse, Trent has enrolled in the school as well. (00:42:32)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Trent arrives at Thanksgiving dinner. He reveals to Sheeni that Nick is responsible for her expulsion from boarding school because he drugged her with sleeping pills. Moreover, the police have found out that Nick is the culprit who blew up the car and building. With coaching from Francois, he runs from the police. (01:11:45)


Nick stands up to Francois, and punches him in the face. Against Francois’ wishes, he returns to Sheeni to explain his actions. He sneaks into her house, dressed as a woman. Sheeni forgives him, and Nick finally loses his virginity. The police arrive and even though Nick is hauled off to Juvie, he is a happy man. (01:19:21)