Muriel's Wedding (1994)

Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance

Movie Time: 106 minutes


After eccentric, compulsive liar Muriel’s (Toni Collette) friends tell her they don’t want her around anymore, Muriel takes the blank check written by her mother and follows her “friends” on a holiday to Hibiscus Island. (00:19:45)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

Muriel returns home from holiday, to discover the whole family is aware that she stole her father’s money. Muriel decides to run away and start her life over in Sydney with her new friend, party girl Rhonda (Rachel Griffiths) (00:34:45)


Trying to achieve her life long dream of getting married, Muriel answers an advertisement in the newspaper for an Australian woman to marry a handsome Olympic swimmer, David (Daniel Lapaine). She’s paid $10,000 to fake a marriage. (01:01:05)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Muriel’s mother dies, and Muriel has to return home for the funeral. (1:28:10)


David and Muriel sleep together, but Muriel decides that being married to David is not what she wants. She decides to return to Sydney with now paralyzed Rhonda and search for true love. (1:33:30)


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