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Free Download: Why the Script Works – A QUIET PLACE

By Admin · June 17, 2019

Learn why the script for A QUIET PLACE works so well with this free guide.

Free Download: Why the Script Works - A Quiet Place

The $17 million-budgeted film opened to $50 million at the domestic box office and garnered $188 million domestically alone. Written by longtime friends and writing/directing partners Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, with a rewrite by the film’s director and co-star John Krasinski, the film tells the story of a family forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound. // When an original film like this debuts to high praise and big box office numbers, screenwriters need to take notice and explore the ins and outs of where such a script came from, why it drew the interest of Hollywood industry players like Krasinski and production company Platinum Dunes, and how it managed to engage both Hollywood and audiences. // Here we will analyze lessons that A Quiet Place can teach us about writing unique and original horror thriller scripts — or any scripts in any genre. These lessons collectively offer screenwriters ways in which they can add more depth to their characters, stories, and concepts.

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