Remember to be Weird When You Write

By Cameron Cubbison · March 2, 2015

Putting together a story from A to Z is a process that requires planning, time and consistent bursts of effort. Each one of those stages needs fuel. Fuel comes in strange forms, but the one we should all embrace as writers (and readers) is weirdness. It's inside of us and it morphs every day. So, how can we exorcise this daily weirdness and funnel it into efforts that will produce the results we want?

1. Voice Recorders and Notebooks

You have heard it before and we will say it again (and probably again at some point). Having one of these around you at all times not only allows you to record your immediate weird thoughts, but it subconsciously encourages you to have them. 90% of these thoughts won't amount to anything more than some wasted page space or memory, but that other 10% is worth every bit of effort. 

2. The Daily Writing Perspective

This is a much larger scale philosophy (compared to a specific tactic), but one that can help your daily production of pages. Make sure to adjust your lens each day so that it fits your story. Each person you encounter, each event that passes, allow these daily occurences to give you content for your story. Again, much of it won't amount to much, but some of it might. Remember, experiencing something helps the letters on the page resonate more with the audience.