From One Page to the Next

By Cameron Cubbison · April 8, 2015

Struggling to get from one page to the next? The page you just penned was tight and epic; but you can't find a way to get to the next tight and epic page? Stop. Take a breather. And pause. You are about to write a crap couple of pages that will serve no purpse and are just needless blocks. 

You are in a state where these couple of pages that link one sequence to the next are simply filler. They are 100% "meh." When writing and editing make sure that each and every page is tight and moves the story and character forward in the most applicable way for that story/character. 

How do you spot this? When you go back and edit your printed pages you will see them. They will jump out at you. They tend to be pointless action blocks that, visually, would produce a lethargic pace. So kill them immediately and restructure your flow. 

Carry on.